What Sets Us Apart

At Wild About Smiles, our philosophy states that each child deserves to be treated with the special consideration, care, and understanding that only a professional pediatric dental team can deliver. If you haven’t been to our office yet, you’re missing something wild!

Seeing children is all we do! Our entire practice is centered on providing an age-appropriate dental environment from start to finish.

Why should you be wild about our office?

  • Pediatric Dentistry Expertise: Wild About Smiles! Pediatric Dentistry began serving patients in 1983, which makes us one of the longest-standing pediatric specialty practices in the Murfreesboro and Tullahoma communities.
  • Stimulating and Educational Environment: Our Murfreesboro and Tullahoma dental office are designed with kids—and fun—in mind! We have a WILD imagination and love reflecting that in our office décor.
  • Caring and Professional Pediatric Dentists: Our pediatric dentists are specifically trained to provide dental services to all ages of children, from infants to teenagers. In addition to loving what they do, each of our dentists is committed to educating patients on proper dental hygiene. We take time to get to know each and every patient that comes into our office. After their first appointment at Wild About Smiles, your child will have made a new friend … who happens to also be his or her pediatric dentist!
  • Wide Range of Pediatric Dentistry Services: From teeth cleanings and exams to fillings and Zirconia (tooth-colored) crowns, we can help prevent disease and maintain an ideal level of oral health. We also offer in-office sedation and outpatient surgery center treatment for patients in need of a little extra TLC.

Our office has more combined experience working with kids than any other pediatric dental office in the entire state! Wild About Smiles hires people that have a passion and love for working with kids. Our staff is hand-picked, and chose to work here because they LOVE kids and are valued, smart, integral, and an essential part of the Wild About Smiles experience.

Come to Wild About Smiles … not because we say you’ll love it … but because parents and kids all across Rutherford County have voted Wild About Smiles the Number-One Best Kids’ Dentist Office year after year after year in Rutherford County Parent and Ruthies.